<center>Advanced 8 Port For Galaxy J7 15</center>

Advanced 8 Port For Galaxy J7 15

Installing this Rom will void warranty. Installing TWRP will trip knox to 0x1! Secure folder will be unusable

   Rom Features

– Fully ported A8 Firmware

– Latest Hyperion kernel

– Latest security patch

– S9 apps

– Note 8 apps

– Samsung Experience 8.5

– Removed nav bar

– Applock

– Debloated

– Deknoxed

– Better battery and performance




–  Added Aroma

– Added Edge Screen in aroma

-Navigation bar added in aroma

– Flicker Fix added in aroma

– Used On5 2015 7.1.1 apps for faster performance

– Samsung Experience 8.5

– Added Private mode

– Added Google Smart facelock

– Added Screen Recorder Qs tile

– Fully ssrm/dvfs optimisation

– Keyboard Fc fixed

– Messege app fc fixed

– Added Live drawing app

–  Made device Status to Official

– Multiuser added

– Smart View Fixed

– Added 1080p Scale For Youtube videos

– Hotspot Bug fixed

– Updated The rom to lastest Security Patch April 2018

– Upstreamed Enigma Kernel to 3.10.107

– Fixed Lags while playing video

– Fixed major issues with kernels



–  Radio

– Switching from 4G to 3G 

(Simply go to Sim card manager and off any one sim and then switch the network)

     Download V3 For J7 2015


By Allooosh98

By prashantp01

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  1. Nice work 👍🏻

  2. Brother. Please add navigation bar on v3. I just loved it. Please help me. 🙇

    1. try to read changelog properly its says navigation is there in aroma

  3. Please Add ( Always On Display ) Feature Please Contributors

    1. not possible on j7 15

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