<center>Quantum Kernel for Galaxy S6</center>

Quantum Kernel for Galaxy S6

– This kernel works only on S6 and S6 edge. I’m not responsible for any damage if you flash on other devices.
– I am not responsible about any damage of any kind that this kernel may cause.
– You are allowed to use this kernel in your project with proper credits and links to the thread or source code.
– Bugs can be reported in XDA or via my Telegram Group. Make sure you provide detailed info when reporting bugs (device variant and logcat).
– If you like my work please hit the “Thanks” button and feel free to donate to me via my donation link in XDA.

– Built using A810SKSU2CRG3 Sources
– Built with Uber Gcc6 Toolchain
– killed Audit
– AOD Support
– Removed RMM Triggers
– StateNotifier Driver
– Removed Tima/Kap/Dm-verity
– Disabled KNOX
– SELinux Permissive
– Init.d support
– Faked Knox 0x0 flag
– SafetyNet patched
– WireGuard Support
– LED Fading / LED Control
– Private Mod support
– Multi I/O Schedulers
– ADB Insecure
– Multi TCP Algorithms
– Full Wakelock Control for wlan/bt and much more
– BoefflaWakelock Blocker With preconfigured WLs
– StateNotifier & SysfsHelper
– Optimized Deadline I/O
– CRC Disabled by default
– Deodex oreo support
– Support Android 8.0/8.1
– F2FS/NTFS Support
– USB OTG Support
and many more…

– SM-G920F (tested)
– SM-G920I (tested)
– SM-G920S (tested)
– SM-G925F (tested)
– SM-G925I (tested)
– SM-G925S (tested)
– SM-G920K
– SM-G925K

1. – Install a Custom Recovery with Odin3
2. – Download the kernel zip
3. – Copy the kernel zip into your phone
4.- Reboot in Recovery Mode
5. – Flash the Kernel Zip
6. – Enjoy!

Kernel Download:

GitHub Page

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